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About Us

ProfessionalClass is a multi-faceted Information Technology and Business Consulting company providing an array of services and support to organizations through competitive and comprehensive business development solutions. We work to reduce on data complexity and streamline processes through advanced technology so that you gain competitive advantage by making faster, better and much more informed decisions that helps your business grow.

ProfessionalClass is a leading provider of Horizontal IT Solutions & Services encompassing Technology Integration, Managed Services & Professional Services, through its robust world class delivery processes to various industry verticals.

ProfessionalClass has come a long way since its inception in 2010. Over the last 3 years, ProfessionalClass has grown in size and stature, experience and expertise by efficiently running the IT Infrastructure set-up of several enterprises globally. With an Integrated Quality Management system ProfessionalClass is constantly redefining the way IT Infrastructure management is being delivered across the globe.

We are always committed to build long lasting relationships with our clients, end users and professionals and we work on building a strong foundation where they feel safe, nurtured and are proud to belong.

Being a leading System Integration company in the IT domain, ProfessionalClass focuses on large turnkey projects to deploy Enterprise Solutions through its professional services and wrapped with Managed Services to a diverse industries helping to maximize return on IT investments and reduce time to market. Progressive has also taken lead in creating a cloud practice helping diverse industries to adopt the right implementation for their business models. With an world class integrated ERP and CRM implementation Progressive has a well-managed, scalable and robust business processes to deliver the best in class customer experience with a 360 degree view.

Our History

ProfessionalClass was founded with an objective, to be a brand which can be trusted through out its periphery of products and services. Our vision is our framework within which our employees work. Our vision statement guides us through every endeavor and helps achieve sustainable growth for every person involved with us. We have invested generously into our infrastructure and employee growth and satisfaction while specializing in project management, business & technology consulting, resource training and business support services.

Our Values

At ProfessionalClass, our everyday business is guided by a very direct set of beliefs. Value, Visibility and Velocity – the 3 Vs – provide a very solid framework for all areas of our business. At its core, the 3 Vs improve our responsiveness to our customer´s needs.

Visibility : Visibility (or Transparency) allows ProfessionalClass to see progress and any barriers to success. Visibility throughout the organization allows us to quickly see, and promptly address, challenges and opportunities. ProfessionalClass provides both transparency and consistent delivery process from all of our centers worldwide. Your data, metrics and performance management statistics are measured and monitored in real–time, with the ability to react quickly and decisively to any problems that may arise. Visibility at ProfessionalClass fosters an “all-hands-on-deck” philosophy where our stakeholders recognize a problem and work collaboratively to fix it.

Velocity : Allows us to adapt quickly – even anticipate to changes in the marketplace and your business. Velocity means being flexible and reacting to change as quickly as possible. Slow processes reduce quality, drive costs up and customer satisfaction down. We must move quick to identify where we have delays in any process, identify the problem – and eliminate it. By making data–driven decisions we can become very fast while improving quality. Improving quality then improves speed – allowing ProfessionalClass to make the right decisions on time, every time.

Value : To our staff, customers and shareholders – is considered and upheld in all we do. If anything we do does not produce value – we quite simply shouldn´t be doing it. A focus on value forces all of our resources to activities important to our customers. Value can be demonstrated by becoming a customer–centered organization. At ProfessionalClass, we believe that quality is best defined by our customers – using their metrics. Whatever is critical to our customers becomes a critical–to–quality metric.

By using the 3 Vs to guide our business philosophy, ProfessionalClass is able to enhance the customer experience – for both our clients and their customers.


From the day we started, we, have catered to businesses worldwide through consulting and support, helping to streamline productivity and processes while gradually growing bigger internally. Our goal-management techniques ensures that individual employee goals and objectives align with the vision and strategic goals of the entire organization thus ensuring better returns on investment. We have been able to convert talent to potential with our highly skilled global learning and development team which have and still continues to groom candidates and professionals across different domains and verticals as per work place requirement.

Our Vision Mission

Vision :
We want to be the most admired company by our employees, partners and customers.

Mission :
“ProfessionalClass is dedicated to enable our customer´s success through innovative, best-in-class solutions built on trusted partnerships.”

Core Values :

Since inception, ProfessionalClass has been governed by our core values. They form the foundation of our culture and strengthen the relationship we share with the external world. We at ProfessionalClass strive to incorporate these guiding principles in our work life and collaborate for success.

TRUST This is an integral part of our value system. We need to earn business in the right terms that enhances the ProfessionalClass brand in the market place. We need to earn the TRUST of our customers, partners and employees.

RESPONSIVENESS Our approach to business is by being responsive and attentive in supply chain. We not only trust our fellow employees but also respond to their needs in a timely fashion. Many times we may disagree and may not have all answers. But responsiveness is our differentiator.

EMPOWERMENT The trust and freedom of execution is always associated with empowerment. We believe this core value will enhance our ability to stay on top of our goals.

ALIGNMENT In a team work our alignment with fellow employees, partners and customers is an important measure of our success. This core value will improve our chances of winning large projects and adding new logos becomes much easy.

TRANSFORMATION We are operating in a dynamically changing market place. Our ability to re-tool our employees will increase our chance to innovate with new solutions and respond to changing needs.

We take pride in embracing our core values and demonstrate excellence and commitment in everything we do.

Our Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition is to Accelerate your business

• Benefits Realization (ROI & Customer Focus)
• Employee Growth (Retention & Employee Focus)
• Sustain (Long Term Focus )
• Time Tested ( Quality Focus)


Innovation: Accelerate innovation

New delivery models for products and services are also an imperative to accelerate innovative software. Innovations in this realm will help ensure top–line growth; not only for High Tech companies but also for the customers they serve.

These frameworks are fully integrated and encompass the complete lifecycle of delivering and managing various methodology and processes. Each of these benchmarks has four key components – Solution Engineering, Methodology, Delivery, and Quality management.

 Solution Engineering  Delivery Management
 • Process/work flow/data models  • Program management
 • Standards and guidelines  • Onsite/offshore
 • Best Industry practices  • Operational model
 • Design and development  • Communication management
 Methodologies  Quality Management
 • Strategic opportunity assessment  • Quality assurance
 • IT Strategy definition  • Quality control
 • Requirements management  • Defect tracking
 • Systems integration  • Metric collection
 • Re-engineering  • Process improvement
 • Organizational transformation  

Our Differentiators

We are problem solvers with a passion for excellence. We are intellectually curious and highly collaborative. However, against the backdrop of a challenging global economy, we endeavour to adopt new generation technologies and processes in our unique delivery model. ProfessionalClass has successfully carved a niche for itself by consolidating its approach to IT and ITES (IT enabled services) through sustainable value addition to organizations.

Software technologists, various domain centric business analysts, IT Innovators and reputed academicians with international exposure work in tandem in our operation centers in USA, India UK and Australia. We extend our limit to support the organizations to bring about the best in the industry. We have a passion for helping the people we work with.

Spirit Of ProfessionalClass

Reach your full potential with ProfessionalClass.

The spirit of ProfessionalClass is central to every individual who are part of ProfessionalClass. It is deep rooted core human values. It defines the basic human thoughts and actions to govern the future. The spirit of ProfessionalClass is based on human values and ethics which are applied to various situations of life and working environment. Our values are reflected in our approach to every individual and how we make each individual part of our teams and groups. The spirit of ProfessionalClass is to win and let others win too.

Strategic Groups

Reach your full potential with ProfessionalClass.

At ProfessionalClass, our corporate culture is unique and transparent. We create success for employee delight and call ourselves as team members rather than employees because we work together as one team in delivering the difference to our customers, partners, and stake holders. Click on about us link to learn more about our organization, vision and people behind ProfessionalClass success. Let us tell you what makes our work environment transparent. To be part of ProfessionalClass culture and be part of our success. Tap in to our job openings and hiring process. Click on join ProfessionalClass for a first online interaction with us. Allow us to know you better and subsequently take you through the recruitment process comfortably. ProfessionalClass delivered innovative IT Services and Solutions to fortune 500 and Forbes listed organizations. It supported organizations to transform new technologies into reliable solutions to have competitive advantage at market place.

In Our Services and Solutions tour and on our capabilities, learn how we help automate various businesses across verticals and horizontals and improve their operations and cut the costs.

Take some time to explore this site and learn more about our company, innovation and our other business lines and founding members.

Group Culture:
It takes more than being individual to succeed in a team or group. A single individual cannot meet the accomplishments all by himself, at ProfessionalClass team members support each other to achieve common objective, making customers happy. Our various strategic project groups work relentlessly towards fulfilling and helping each other to excel and grow, hence sharing a common goal by relying on each other´s collective talent to exceed the customer expectations.

Some of us may be subject matter specialist, or group leaders, members share each others knowledge to give their best shot at work and get closer to great performance. The ability to ignite a spark in each group and promote group dynamics to work collectively is an aspect of great performance at ProfessionalClass.

Social Responsibility

At ProfessionalClass, corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our purpose as a company and is reflected in our mission to bring great people and great organizations together. We recognize the importance of being a good corporate citizen and contributing to the overall social environment of the communities in which we operate. That is why we make every effort to make social responsibility a main part of our business strategies through ProfessionalClass´s community outreach programs.

ProfessionalClass's Community Outreach Program was developed to build a strong partnership with several key organizations and provide local involvement and national sponsorship for our community partners. ProfessionalClass´s volunteer organizations include national participation with Special Olympics, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, United Service Organizations (USO) and Ronald McDonald House Charities. ProfessionalClass´s employees have embraced these and other local community-based organizations.

Through these initiatives we will continue to make it a priority to partner with other organizations, locally and nationally, that share our common social responsibility goals.

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