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Business Consulting

ProfessionalClass is an international company that provides consulting services, solution delivery and managed services to many of the world's leading organizations.

Our Consulting business assists our customers to extract maximum benefit from business and technology investments.

Our Solutions business enables measurable business transformation and improvement through the implementation of back and front office solutions, our industry specific solutions and other information technologies.

Our Managed Services business delivers hardware and software based services that provide a high level of on–going support to our clients.

Through our three integrated lines of business ProfessionalClass maximizes delivered benefit and produces tailored outcomes by utilizing six core services:
Value Management
Business Advisory
Business Change
IT Advisory
Enterprise Applications
Software Development

Our Business Consulting Group bases its relationships on the generation of long-term trust. This has turned ProfessionalClass into a commercial partner for the companies with whom we work. This enables us to apply our solutions all along the course of the value chain. Our Business Consulting Service Unit comprises highly-specialized areas of business strategy. Each area generates a frame of reference within the market, offering a high value add to our clients through our expert teams. Our offering is characterized by the following attributes:

Sectorization : This addresses the strategic requirements of our clients using our broad range of vertical and business expertise. This includes a significant volume of knowledge on business necessities as well as the relationships that companies maintain with their clients, competitors and suppliers.

Specialization : We have a broad range of knowledge on specific business functions and understand how to resolve the business challenges faced by our clients.

Executable : In collaboration with our clients, we are committed to the implementation of their strategic business objectives. We base our ability to obtain the desired results on the strength of the relationship with our clients.

Global : We have a broad understanding of our client´s overall necessities from a comprehensive point of view in the marketplaces in which our company operates.

We also have the capability to resolve specific strategic business requirements. The Business Consulting unit service offering consists of three different types of service:

Transformation : we have the capability to explore new areas of opportunity that reach beyond the rendering of conventional services.

Strategic : our service offering is focused on the CEO and the Board of Directors and deals with strategic company requirements such as: purchasing, the advent of new business and / or organizational redesign.

Business : we have the capability to resolve the problems faced by company business unit and functional directors. We accomplish this by providing these directors with the ability to achieve pre-established goals and thus improve client account results using, for example, new products, sales objectives or churn reductions.

ProfessionalClass is measured by the success of its clients. With every engagement, ProfessionalClass uses a tailored approach to deliver the best possible outcome for each client.

Business consulting services have become a necessity for companies today to obtain the right direction. The firms provide professional, cost effective management consulting services for the business and information technology communities.

Whether you are running a small business or something on a very large scale, business consulting services will help you take the right steps in the right direction to ultimately increase your revenues. ProfessionalClass´s main job is to provide advisory services to help senior management improve the effectiveness of corporate strategy, process, or operations by assessing business needs and reviewing business functions, plans and directions.

ProfessionalClass have expert teams who excel in conducting a market research and work with the aim to empower their clients with a significant competitive advantage. ProfessionalClass´s corporate executives resort to both quantitative and qualitative research methods for optimum results.

ProfessionalClass will provide service like: Information systems planning, analysis and design; operations process and workflow analysis; performance improvement, business automation planning; computer hardware and software evaluation, selection and implementation; project management and facilitation; internet and web site strategy; web design; network planning; financial and manufacturing systems; feasibility studies; cost containment; contingency planning.

All the above mentioned services help business establish themselves firmly in their respective industries. One of the major services in demand is a thorough market research. If this research is conducted by experts, the next move or strategy for your business can be planned with confidence and with the least amount of risk. ProfessionalClass professional experience can also predict the results from a particular move made by a company. Therefore, our advice and consultancy can vastly help business travel the way to success confidently. The services ProfessionalClass provides are innovative solutions meant specifically to suit your particular business which ultimately helps to maximize your growth opportunities and dominate your competition. This comprehensive quantitative research provides insights into what factors are driving your markets and where they are forecasted to go in the future.

The business consulting professionals in ProfessionalClass also help you to take crucial business decisions. There may be occasions when one small decision can affect your business to a great extent either in the positive direction or the negative. The consultants help you by collecting the relevant data from authentic sources along with economic, demographic & social statistics that will support your decision making process.

Business consulting services can be a massive support for businesses in any industry. ProfessionalClass help you achieve your business objective with an assurance that you are taking the right step.

Project Management

A ´task´ does not necessarily have to be called a 'project' in order for project management methods to be very useful in its planning and implementation. Even the smallest task can benefit from the use of a well–chosen project management technique or tool, especially in the planning stage.

Any task that requires some preparation to achieve a successful outcome will probably be done better by using a few project management methods somewhere in the process. Project management methods can help in the planning and managing of all sorts of tasks, especially complex activities.

Project management is chiefly associated with planning and managing change in an organization, but a project can also be something unrelated to business – even a domestic situation, such as moving house, or planning a wedding.

Project management methods and tools can therefore be useful far more widely than people assume.

Project management techniques and project planning tools are useful for any tasks in which different outcomes are possible – where risks of problems and failures exist – and so require planning and assessing options, and organizing activities and resources to deliver a successful result.

Projects can be various shapes and sizes, from the small and straightforward to extremely large and highly complex.

In organizations and businesses, project management can be concerned with anything, particularly introducing or changing things, in any area or function, for example:

People, staffing and management
Products and services
Materials, manufacturing and production
IT and communications
Plant, vehicles, equipment
Storage, distribution, logistics
Buildings and premises
Finance, administration, acquisition and divestment
Sales, selling, marketing
Human resources development and training
Customer service and relations
Quality, health and safety,
Legal and professional
Technical, scientific, research and development
New business development
And anything else which needs planning and managing within organizations.

Successful project management, for projects large or small, tends to follow the process outlined below.

The same principles, used selectively and appropriately, also apply to smaller tasks.

Project management techniques are not just for project managers – they are available for anyone to use.

Project management process

1. Agree precise specification for the project
2. Plan the project - time, team, activities, resources, and financials - using suitable project management tools.
3. Communicate the project plan to your project team - and to any other interested people and groups.
4. Agree and delegate project actions.
5. Manage and motivate - inform, encourage, enable the project team.
6. Check, measure, monitor, review project progress - adjust project plans, and inform the project team and others.
7. Complete project - review and report on project performance; give praise and thanks to the project team.
8. Project follow-up - train, support, measure and report results and benefits.

Project management tools

Here are examples and explanations of four commonly used tools in project planning and project management, namely: Brainstorming, Fishbone Diagrams, Critical Path Analysis Flow Diagrams, and Gantt Charts. Additionally and separately see business process modeling and quality management, which contain related tools and methods aside from the main project management models shown below.

The tools here each have their strengths and particular purposes, summarized as a basic guide in the matrix below.

Matrix key:

B = Brainstorming *** - main tool
F = Fishbone/Ishikawa Diagrams ** - optional/secondary tool
C = Critical Path Analysis Flow Diagrams * - sometimes useful
G = Gantt Charts  

  B F C G
Project brainstorming and initial concepts, ideas, structures, aims, etc *** **
Gathering and identifying all elements, especially causal and hidden factors * *** **
Scheduling and timescales     ** ***
Identifying and sequencing parallel and interdependent activities and stages *   *** *
Financials - costings, budgets, revenues, profits, variances, etc * * ** ***
Monitoring, forecasting, reporting * ** ***
Troubleshooting, problem identification, diagnosis and solutions ** *** ** *
'Snapshot' or 'map' overview - non-sequential, non-scheduled ** ***
Format for communications, presentations, updates, progress reports, etc * * ***

Follow up - train, support, measure and report project results and benefits

Traditionally this stage would be considered part of the project completion, but increasingly an emphasized additional stage of project follow-up is appropriate.

This is particularly so in very political environments, and/or where projects benefits have relatively low visibility and meaning to stakeholders (staff, customers, investors, etc), especially if the project also has very high costs, as ICT projects tend to do.

ICT (information and communications technology) projects often are like this - low visibility of benefits but very high costs, and also very high stress and risk levels too.

Project management almost always involves change management too, within which it's very important to consider the effects of the project on people who have to adapt to the change. There is often a training or education need. There will almost certainly be an explanation need, in which for example methods like team briefing have prove very useful.

Whatever, when you are focused on project management it is easy to forget or ignore that many people are affected in some way by the results of the project. Change is difficult, even when it is good and for right reasons. Remembering this during and at the end of your project will help you achieve a project that is well received, as well as successful purely in project management terms.

Technology Consulting

It´s a fact; technology today is constantly changing. This constant change challenges organizations to keep ahead of the curve and often times results in more time spent on the changing technology and less time on Company-focused strategic initiatives.

This poses quite a challenge; technology provides the most benefit when users are able to leverage the benefits a specific piece of technology provides. When running an efficient model, how can an organization achieve all of its business goals? At ProfessionalClass, our people are the key to the successful use of technologies. Each highly skilled employee has advanced knowledge on the appropriate use of technological tools. Additionally, they function as the technical liaison for your company. ProfessionalClass technology brings together a group of professionals and technological assets that reduce the risk and increase the efficiency of projects executed in technological environments.


Technological Architecture Definition and Implementation
Unique solutions services and procedures that guide and support the development and operations of a business solution. This implementation works to ensure the quality and optimal operation of the defined technical architecture.

Business Intelligence
ProfessionalClass has worked to evolve BI solutions beyond the mere preparation of a report. Our intelligence accounts for elements such as information strategy, BI architectures, demand management, BI systems construction competency centers (including the software factory mode), metadata solutions and even the outsourcing of the analytical environment itself.

Business Intelligence Outsourcing
ProfessionalClass has proposed a solution that provides outsourcing of Business Intelligence (BI) systems maintenance. We pride ourselves on servicing clientele facing complex strategies with features that differentiate from other business applications in the maintenance stage.

Technological architecture outsourcing
During extended periods of time, and working with predetermined quality levels, ProfessionalClass takes over client architecture evolution. During these periods, we align the architecture with the latest market standards, provide the appropriate level of functional coverage and focus our efforts on continuous improvement and optimization.

Outsourcing governance
Outsourcing should be designed to achieve continuous improvement in the service rendered by the IT organization. This is achieved using a proactive and reactive focus: improvement by means of operational management of the service and the definition and execution of the improvement plans arising from the SLA analyses set forth in the outsourcing contract.

Enterprise content management
ProfessionalClass has the partnerships and expertise to monitor existing technology and identify new opportunities. Leveraging web 2.0, document control and content management environments, this knowledge area includes the entire life-cycle, from the definition of strategic internet and intranet plans to portal consolidation / implementation and on-line reputation management.

Document management

For ProfessionalClass, the successful implementation of a document management system within an organization includes the following elements:

 A reliable document repository.
 The capability to reconcile the real and virtual worlds.
 The importance of change management.
 A Cost-Benefit Analysis.
 The first steps generate new requirements.
 Documentation structuring and standardization.
 Document hierarchy.
 An accessible and friendly solution.
 A monitored methodology.
 An experienced work team.

Oracle specialization group
ProfessionalClass knowledge areas are operated by highly specialized teams that allow the company to offer clients solutions that have been developed using the most recognized Oracle products: SOA, Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI), Oracle Web Center & UCM, Identity Management and Oracle Applications (e-Business Suite and Siebel).

Banking architectures
Banking IT teams at ProfessionalClass specializing in the development of architectures to cope with the evolution of financial institutions technical requirements. The technological focus is supported by SOA and provides specific open source based solutions that can be integrated with commercial products. This mix is used in order to minimize start-up costs and maximize value over the course of system life-cycles.

Cloud computing
Cloud Computing is a demand based IT services delivery model that is supported by virtualization and distributed computer technologies. The Cloud Computing architectures provide the following benefits: system flexibility and scalability, almost immediate service rendering, shared and efficient use of the resources and infrastructure required for managing IT assets.

Technology Training

ProfessionalClass offers you the freedom to be outstanding. We are a friendly workforce, whose expertise and cooperative approach help us realize our clients' objectives. By joining us, you live and breathe the excitement of working in a first class environment , while staying at the cutting edge of technology.

Advanced skill up-gradation sessions for professionals
We know that aspiring people would always want to learn and be at the top whatever it takes, which is why we provide exclusive industry standard skill up gradation sessions and training on different technologies that are designed to advance your career and help you jumps start at a new height.

Our Corporate Learning & Development team (L&D) has highly competent mentors from several verticals who offer you high quality industrial education sessions with an innovative and comprehensive approach based on the relevant skill set to groom you for professional growth and sustained success in the most challenging of interviews. We are capable to deliver knowledge on cutting edge technology along with providing management training sessions as per industrial requirements.

Resource training and development outsourcing
The prospective benefits of outsourcing training are well recognized. Outsourcing allows companies to deliver best training to their employees and get the clients the best of their abilities. The key to increase in customer turn over is customer satisfaction. With rapid globalization, increase in competition, technological innovations, increase in access to information, and breakthroughs in customer services and retention technologies, the customer loyalty programs have become an integral part of organizations.

Our infrastructure helps us provide training outsourcing facility to cut costs, gain access to practical and technical proficiency from across the world, concentrate on core competencies and offer an overall enhanced training to their employees.

At ProfessionalClass we understand the importance of knowledge to excel in your career and for the same reason we have dedicated ourselves to offer you best industry practices from a panel of experts who not only give you knowledge but also the insight of the Hiring Manager's psychology for your sure shot success.

Advantages Of Online Training

1  Simple, Flexible Logistics - After location, time is the greatest limitation on learning. That goes for both the instructors and the students, each of whom has to be both available and in alignment with the other for face-to-face instruction. By removing that requirement, everyone involved can participate at a time, and for a duration, that suits his or her schedules.

2  Immediate Results and Feedback - Anyone who has graded papers knows it can get tedious, and it´s time-consuming. Many of the most popular standardized tests, in fact, still rely on evaluation techniques that slow results. Most online learning technologies integrate online quizzes and other tools to more rapidly evaluate the pace of learning.

3  Better Retention - With clever design, user experience, and multimedia, online instruction can prove to be a richer and more effective learning experience than traditional methods and channels.

4  Greater Access to Expertise - In any country, there are only a handful of cities that can claim among their residents the experts in every field of study. Take away the limitations of geography, and expertise is free to travel almost anywhere. This transformation allows information on highly specialized subjects to reach more people, paving the way for advances in fields from telemedicine to non-profit charities.

5  Most Up-to-Date Content at Much Lower Cost - The sticker shock associated with the textbook market is not news to anyone who has enrolled in even a single college course. And yet, despite the cost, our knowledge of most subjects continues to grow and evolve, making $200 textbooks unreliable with a few years, and eventually of no use at all. The remote delivery of curriculum allows instructors to keep materials up-to-date, and the lower costs over time remove what for some are insurmountable obstacles to furthering their education.

6  A Better Fit for 21st-Century Businesses - As companies become more globally focused, co-workers are more likely to work in different places, if not on different continents. Online learning can help prepare employees to excel in today´s scattered, virtual office. For those already working up the career ladder, online learning makes use of resources and technologies already at their fingertips. Online learning is a still a relatively young industry, promising a rich future of breakthroughs. New models of teaching are already emerging that have the potential to take online learning to even greater accomplishments.

7  Economic Yet More Scientific - Easy on the wallet but the tools and techniques prove to be more effective for user retention.

Product Engineering

Successful product engineering combines deep technical expertise and insight to leading-edge business strategies. ProfessionalClass's global development team acts as an extension of your product team, carefully executing your vision with attention to software security, future-proof architecture, and intuitive user experience.

As a company dedicated to product engineering for more than a decade, ProfessionalClass brings diverse vertical domain experience and broad technology platform competencies, including cloud, mobile, and SAS product development. Through best-practice processes, strict QA standards and complete transparency with clients, ProfessionalClass consistently delivers inspired custom products within the time and budget parameters required by business.

Product Development Lifecycle
 Product Conceptualization
 Architecture Design and Prototype
 Development & Testing
 Maintenance & support

Outsourced Product Development
With the constant evolution of the technology landscape, companies must choose development vendors adept not only at solving today's challenges but anticipating future needs. Factors such as frequent upgrades, mobile integration, multi-lingual support, regional regulations and cloud compatibility underscore the importance of broad expertise and a proven record of success. ProfessionalClass brings more than a decade of product development experience and offers clients distinct value through its end-to-end product development lifecycle solutions.

Services Offerings
 Product Re-engineering
 Product Development
 Product Management
 Product Support

Application Development and Maintenance
ProfessionalClass's Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) services empower enterprises through responsive global software teams and versatile application architecture. ProfessionalClass's proven application maintenance model also helps organizations maximize the value of existing IT applications through maintainability analysis, responsive services, and application enhancement. The strength of ProfessionalClass's ADM services stems from our renowned program management and long record of successful delivery for clients around the globe. ProfessionalClass's services leverage partnerships with leading software manufacturers and benchmarked quality and process standards. Our agile response service models ensure clients stay ahead of the constant changes of a dynamic market.

Microsoft SharePoint Services
ProfessionalClass's certified SharePoint consulting teams not only bring a comprehensive understanding of the leading enterprise collaboration product. More importantly, they have the practical experience of applying SharePoint to solve complex business challenges for companies around the globe. ProfessionalClass enables organizations to leverage the full potential of SharePoint through analysis and alignment with enterprise business goals. Having conducted SharePoint implementations for customers throughout the US, India and APAC, we understand the common challenges both in SMB and Fortune 500 companies. Our SharePoint service offerings help these companies to:

 Migrate data and processes to SharePoint from legacy systems
 Develop custom applications within SharePoint
 Install or upgrade SharePoint
 Host the software while providing continuous monitoring and maintenance.

SOA Services
An effective SOA architecture provides optimal flexibility for organizations to orchestrate the services of diverse systems. ProfessionalClass manages the end-to-end SOA design, implementation and maintenance tailored to the unique requirements of your organization. By combining insights from global experience with an extensive analysis of your enterprise goals, ProfessionalClass architects a standards-based SOA approach within a future-proof infrastructure environment. With the increased agility SOA provides, your enterprise is empowered to recombine services in innovative ways to reach business goals faster and more cost effectively.

ProfessionalClass's SOA service offerings:
 SOA Assessment and Envisioning
 SOA Governance and Architecture
 SOA Enablement
 SOA Service Development
 SOA Delivery and Implementation
 SOA Management
 SOA Competency Centers

Managed Testing / QA Services
ProfessionalClass provides a comprehensive range of on-shore, off-shore and hybrid testing and QA services to its global clients. ProfessionalClass's expertise in critical test processes such as automation, performance and integration testing helps customers ensure the quality of their applications and systems. ProfessionalClass uses multiple test optimization tools to maximize the speed and accuracy of your testing processes. ProfessionalClass QA services include Regression Testing, Compatibility Testing, Alpha & Beta Testing, Integration Testing and Performance Testing. On an enterprise level, ProfessionalClass's outsourced testing services will reduce QA bottlenecks and free development teams to focus on innovation and application enhancement.

Value Proposition Managed Testing Services
 Dedicated test centers for customers
 Testing lines with tools and technologies
 Defining test framework
 Creating test harness
 Creating test scripts and test data
 Defining reporting mechanism/system for test runs
 Carrying out test runs in various environments

Enterprise Services

ProfessionalClass´s enterprise services leverage our partnership with Oracle and our experience with large and SMB customers to improve operational efficiency, reduce process bottlenecks, and accelerate an enterprise´s progress toward goals. ProfessionalClass´s Enterprise Services comprise the full suite of Oracle Enterprise applications, application maintenance services and SOA based integration.

Increase the Efficiency of your Oracle E-Business Suite Environment
As an Oracle partner, ProfessionalClass specializes in the implementation of Oracle Applications and Oracle technology based solutions. We leverage in-house Oracle expertise to deliver high value, cost effective enterprise applications and custom solutions. We offer complete services for Oracle Technology and e–Business Suite by applying the on–site / off–shore / right–shore model for new implementation, re–implementation, upgrades, enhancements and business/IT consulting services.

Oracle Implementation Services

Rapidly growing enterprises that want to migrate from legacy systems to Oracle E-Business Suite can take advantage of ProfessionalClass's expertise to implement ERP across their businesses and geographies. Our implementation services include:

Pre–implementation assessment & ERP due diligence
Core implementation and roll outs
Re–Implementations, consolidations
Third party product integration, mobile solutions, RFID

Key activities offered by ProfessionalClass as part of Implementation include:

Business Process Re–engineering
Implementation of the core modules of Oracle E–Business Suite R12
Data conversion and relevant data will be identified, extracted, cleansed and migrated to the new environment
DBA support during installation
Customization of the applications, forms, reports, etc.
Integration with third party applications

Our extensive product knowledge and implementation expertise provides a range of benefits to our Oracle E-Business Suite customers:

Predictability in your implementations and upgrades, lowering your risk
Transparency throughout our projects, so you know project status each step of the way
Alignment of your IT plans with Oracle´s product plans
Quick turnaround on core product issues and enhancement requests, leveraging our Oracle product development relationships

Oracle Enterprise Integration Services

Seamless enterprise integration enables real–time flow of information between disparate applications and enhances business agility and decision making capabilities.

ProfessionalClass leverages pre–built frameworks and adapters to deliver integration services such as ESB implementation, application and data integration, open source and standards based integration. Our expertise extends over Oracle E–Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Middleware, and we use tools and techniques such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), WebServices, BPEL, Business Process Management (BPM) to deliver complex projects across industries.

Key Highlights

A history of successful product integrations within the Oracle eco-system
Expertise on Oracle Fusion Middleware such as Oracle SOA Suite 11g, OSB 11g, BAM, Business Rules, OID, UDDI, ECM, Oracle Portal, Web center and so on.
Developing integrations with Oracle SOA Suite, SOA Gateway, EBS , Webservices, and Legacy Applications
Our proprietary out-of-the box connectors enables you to integrate your on premise applications like SAP ERP, CRM and other applications, databases and files.
EAI expertise, with years of system integration and project management experience
Highly experienced SOA architects and DBA teams to support the development team

Application Maintenance Services

Application maintenance often takes the largest share of an IT budget, leaving limited scope for new development. It also requires expert-level knowledge to identify production issues, frequently dividing the attention of key software engineers. ProfessionalClass's Application Maintenance Service (AMS) helps you reduce maintenance costs while optimizing performance and quality of critical applications. AMS also frees up your expert resources to take on the proactive development initiatives that boost your top line.

ProfessionalClass´s application maintenance process allows for effective capture, reporting and resolution of maintenance requests. The process leverages the global delivery model wherein work responsibilities can be effectively distributed among various organizations depending on the criticality of the requests. Each of these activities are governed and monitored by an SLA framework.


Business Intelligence Analytics

A company´s ability to view and interpret the massive flow of enterprise data can mean the difference in highly competitive industries. ProfessionalClass has over a decade of experience implementing Business Intelligence tools and aligning them with strategic enterprise goals. ProfessionalClass's dedicated analytics teams have empowered clients across the globe with the insight needed for critical decision making.

Having worked extensively with both SMB and fortune 500 customers, ProfessionalClass brings BI accelerators to address challenges common within a market segment. Our solutions architects will create a blue print tailored to the unique technical and business requirements of your organization, and our global delivery teams will ensure the end–to–end implementation meets the needs of all stakeholders.

ProfessionalClass Analytics Solutions :

Business Strategy Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics
 Strategy & Roadmap  Rationalization & Consolidation
 Assessment & Health Check  Reporting, Analysis, and Dashboard Solutions
 Tool/Platform Evaluation  Advanced Analytics
 Architecture/Metric Definition  
R&D & Other Value Added Services Information Management & Data Warehouse Services
 Pre-built Accelerators  Data Integration
 BI Center of Excellence  Data Warehouse Development
 Industry & Functional KPI's  MDM & Data Quality
 Testing Services  Data Migration
 Support & Maintenance  

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